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Carpaint-Tester PRO- The Original!

Corresponds the appearance with the reality? Friends of classic cars well know the problem. Buyers of used cars, too. The car visually looks really good, but is the state as good as it seems? Is it possible that the car may had an accident? Were there bumps that were hushed professionally? The clever car paint tester gives you certainty about the film thickness of car paint or filler layer!

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Latest news

    • Swabian novelty. 10 years Car Paint Tester Who doesn’t know it? … Ernst Haible’s Car Paint Tester from Blaustein/Germany. Within a few minutes, the indicator can be used to clarify whether a vehicle still has the original paint or whether it has been filled and repainted. …

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    • The VW SPEED magazine reports in its current issue about our Car Paint Tester PRO: No Surprise! “You have an eye on a used car? The price seems to be unbeatably cheap and the seller assures that it is also accident free? Then it would be …

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    • The “smaller brother” of our Carpaint Tester Pro is now available. You can order the BIT 3003 directly in the >> Webshop << . The lacquer layer thickness is displayed on a colored scale so that you can determine the paint condition of a vehicle within a …

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    • The RTL2 TV magazine “GRIP” has presented our Autolack Tester PRO in a series of 392 under the title “Anti-fraud tips” and tested it on a primed and repainted vehicle. The test person was able to find all affected parts of the vehicle with our intuitive …

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