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The Car Paint Tester PRO
in detail!

Using the car paint tester

you can check:

  • Is it the original paint?
  • Was the car repainted?
  • Was filling or repainting applied to the car body?
  • Thickness of the filling.
  • Is the paint too thin (due to strong polishing)?

How works the car paint tester? 

The car paint tester works by means of a magnet which develops a variable adhesive force due to the thickness of the coating layer or filling. Using the adhesive force,the thickness of the coating layer or filling is determined in μm (micrometer) ranging from 0.0 μm to 750 μm and indicated on a 10-point colour scale.

You can see at a glance whether a vehicle still has the original paint or has been primed and repainted. No matter how well repairs and repainting were done – using the car paint tester, you will detect any hidden failure in the future.

More safety when buying used cars and classic cars!!

A repainted vehicle must not be off lower quality, but you should know before buying the car that it has been repainted. The car paint tester works purely on a mechanic basis; it does not contain any electric or electronic parts and is therefore ready for use any time.

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Do you know that…

Every fourth car on the street was undergone paint repair work.

Every third car in the used car business was undergone paint repair work.

Many car owners keep quiet about their car having had a crash.

Don’t allow dishonest car salesmen to deceive you anymore. Within a few minutes you can test the car and find out whether and where filling was done.

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Thickness of coating layer up to 100 μm

Coating layer too thin

Thickness of coating layer 100-200 μm

Original paint

Thickness of coating layer 200-300 μm

After paint repair work

Thickness of coating layer  300-600 μm

After filling and repainting

Thickness of coating layer  600-750 μm

After strong filling and repainting