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  • Ernst Haible Automobile
    Flurweg 15
    D-89134 Blaustein

    Phone +49 (0)7304 2020
    Telefax +49 (0)7304 2044

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About us

  • Ernst Haible

    Ernst Haible

    When buying my first oldtimer car I would have liked our Car Paint Tester. I was looking for a paint tester that works without electricity. When I discovered this product, I decided to establish the distribution of the Car Paint Tester for Europe. Take advantage of the possibilities of the Car Paint Tester!

  • Sabine Haible

    Sabine Haible

    In conversations with our customers or prospective customers at events and fairs, I experience again and again the fascination of the users for the clever idea of the Car Paint Tester. Try it yourself. It is absolutely easy and effective!

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