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10 Years Car Paint Tester!

Swabian novelty. 10 years Car Paint Tester

Who doesn’t know it? … Ernst Haible’s Car Paint Tester from Blaustein/Germany. Within a few minutes, the indicator can be used to clarify whether a vehicle still has the original paint or whether it has been filled and repainted. In this way, previous damage caused by accident or corrosion can be uncovered and statements made by the seller regarding the condition of the vehicle can be quickly verified or refuted. Ernst Haible from Blaustein has been selling this novelty for ten years, which works very reliably without electricity and only by magnetic force. In an interview, he lets us share in the success story of the magic pen, which is twelve centimeters long and weighs only 35 grams …

Read the full interview in heilix blechle 26/2020 (GERMAN):