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9ELF report on the Car Paint Tester Pro

The independent magazine for Porsche enthusiasts “9ELF” reports in its latest issue about the benefits of The Car Paint Tester PRO:

Thick or thin
“Most specialists need only two or three different angles to identify a new lacquering, e.g. on fender or door area. To clarify wether more or less strong filling and repainting has been done on the original paint, measuring instruments like this paint thickness tester are available. It works with a small magnetic ball, which vary adhesion depending on the thickness of the paint or filling layer. Setting it on the paint and then slowly pull it vertically against the spring force, wherein a cylinder with colored markers appear. Detaches the magnet in the red zone, a thin layer of filling is recognized under the paint. Is the result in the green area (100 to 200 thousandths of a millimeter), everything is fine according to this device. Ordering under, price 29 euros. “