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euro tuner recommends the Carpaint-Tester Pro

Autolack-Tester Pro in euro tuner vorgestellt.

Creates trust: Autolack-Tester Pro!

When buying a used car the question of a possible hidden accident damage arises. For those who want to play it safe and get clarity on site, we recommend the “Carpaint Tester Pro”. The handy tester is simply placed on the cars body and then slowly withdrawn. On a scale the layer thickness of the lacquer can then be read. Thus primed or repainted predamages can easily be exposed. We have tested the  “Carpaint Tester Pro” in the  editorial department and can confirm that it works easily and reliably. The idea is brilliant, even if the pin with a price of € 29, –  is no bargain! But it spared unpleasant surprises when buying used cars.

Published in euro tuner 6/2015