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Amazingly reliable, fast and cheap

The German magazine “AutoClassic” writes in edition 05/2013 about our Car Paint Tester Pro:

“Paint layer thicknesses can be quickly measured with a magnetic pen!

One of the major issues in the assessment of a potential new garage resident is the quality of the paint. Smoothness and gloss are easy to judge, but how strong the paint layer is and how it looks underneath the surface, remains hidden. A practical helper for car buyers is the Car Paint Tester Pro – a magnetic layer thickness measurement  tool in the shape of a thick felt tip pen.

The pen measures the paint thickness with a magnet and is working on sheet metal, but not on aluminum parts. The application is very simple: the pen is fitted with its magnet on the paint and carefully moved and lifted away from the surface. Depending on the thickness of the paint/filler layer, the cylindrical scale is more or less pulled out of the pen housing. The scale shows the layer thicknesses in eight different color ranges. For example, the green zone means, that the film thickness is 100-200 microns, which signs original paint thickness. If the scale in the red zone, this corresponds to a thickness of 300-520 microns: Here was filled/primed and painted over during a metal repair!

This works amazingly reliable, fast and cheap. The testers costs less than 30 euros and can help you avoid costly mistakes by purchasing a car or gives you good arguments for the budget-cutting negotiations with the seller! “