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Easy to unmask

The German magazine “OFF ROAD” writes in edition 01/2014 about our Car Paint Tester Pro:

“Easy to unmask”

The paint and its quality is essential for many owners of Oldtimers. But how do you measure the layer thickness of the most high-gloss surfaces without expensive tools on the first date? Ernst Haible Automobile offers an inexpensive and reliable alternative to expensive coating thickness gauges – the Car Paint Tester Pro. This is a magnetic layer thickness tester in form of a felt pen. The pen measures the coating thickness by a magnet – so it works only on sheet steel and iron.

The handling is very easy: The pen is placed on the paint surface and carefully pulled up. A scale in eight different colors are quickly shed light on the thickness and quality of the substructure.

Bottom line: Quickly, efficiently and with 30 euros an absolute “must have” for any prospective oldtimer buyer.”