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gute Fahrt:
Rating “1-” für the Car Paint Tester Pro

Autolacktester - Autolack-Tester Pro wurde mit Bestnote im Magazin Gute Fahrt getestet

The German magazine “gute Fahrt” writes about our Car Paint Tester Pro in their latest test:

“Used car purchase is a matter of trust. However, tangible facts are provided by the paint test-pin. Simply hold the magnetic side on the steel chassis of the car, pull up – done. The layer thickness of the coating can be read on a scale. Troweled or repainted previous accidents can be easily exposed. The pen works simply and reliably. € 29 are a bit expensive for the plastic design, but in any case the brilliant idea is worth it. “

“gute Fahrt” has tested: Rating 1-